Video: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ Rikki Martinez! [UPDATED]

Rikki Martinez of Power 106 in Los Angeles continues her streak of great interviews with Lupe. Although Lupe appears to be in a not so good mood, she manages to get him to open up. Watch above as he speaks about working with Ty Dolla $ign, Ab-Soul, wanting to get out of his contract with Atlantic, expectations from fans, supporting the USMNT, disliking Twitter and wanting to delete his account, feeling like the Internet made him dumb and retirement.

Click HERE to read what Rikki had to say about this interview and why she feels it was one of the most important interviews of her career!


  1. There have only been a handful of interviews where Lu seems down or detached (see Lasers era). After reading some of the reactions to this interview it's as if he isn't allowed to be human and have such a shitty day that you can't be bothered to be cheery and professional. It also sucks to see Lu get caught between trying to please a fickle hardcore fanbase and his label. I suppose at the end of the day though, we're only watching a filter and will never see everything Lu gets impacted by.

  2. Aside from the label problems, I think it's also cause he's still fasting. He may be trying to save his energy for a performance or something. Idk but yeah I agree. But I think some of those people on that site aren't that all into him anyway, so you know how it goes. They won't care much, just want to say anything for the hell of it (a point lupe actually brought up about the internet and people saying needless things). Hell, I might be stains something needless right now. Lol

    But yeah, I get you.

  3. Anyone know if Lu ever did the tally for which artist got most votes to who he would try to reach out to?

  4. ofcourse he's allowed to be human...but when you go on a radio show you're representing yourself

  5. This sad...this man sounds like he has no control; the Internet controls him the record company controls him the fans control him his family controls him...he sounds like the rest of us

  6. It's the industry..he knew what he signed up for

    1. He was really young when he signed, iirc. And unless you're actually in the industry, chances are you're not fully ready for the reality of what's in store. He has every right to be upset, and every right to be in a bad mood sometimes. He's human. Rikki is incredible for holding everything together as well as she did though, she's awesome.

  7. Surprised he books so many interviews during Ramadan he fasts during the day & 20 Rakats at night. decent interview. I commend Rikki on not baling but honestly she told us more about 'how & what she feels' repeatedly, her questions are longer than his answers


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