SNDCLSH in Vegas, only dropping those new Kaskade hits. Let's see how crazy the rave gets, might play my 2Pac favorites

This one line from Lupe's song "SNDCLSH in Vegas" always comes up first in my head when I read about Lupe and Sky performing in Las Vegas..The thing is, you can not only find casinos and poker tables in Vegas but every now and then also Lupe and Sky spinning records in your favorite hotel or club. Recently it's been a bit quiet around the duo though but we are sure that we can expect more from them in the future. The casinos can be a bit tempting as well so it might be an idea to get some practice in for free at before going.

It looks a little bit like they have turned their back on Vegas recently though and rather perform at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. Sure it's the same thing with casinos and poker everywhere but will this also lead to new music? As they are still performing they must also spend time together and talk about and work on music but as it's Tetsuo Season the music might be on the backburner. As we all know, their often talked about DDTF EP still wasn't released. I wonder if this will end up on the list of things that we'll never get to hear but we'll have to just wait and see, as usual.

Their previously released songs have definitely been promising though and that's why I am personally very much looking forward to more music from the duo. Maybe we'll get more on this after Tetsuo and Youth dropped. Let us know how you feel about this and drop us a couple of lines in the comments section. Are you interested in more SNDCLSH music or would you rather wait for it until after Tetsuo and Youth is in stores? Or do you not care at all?


  1. I'd rather wait until tetsuo and youth hit the stores

  2. It's some fresh new Vans on my fresh new plans
    Obama lied to you you nigga no you can't, ha
    Change these nuts, shout to Fox news tryin' ta change me up
    Sorry Uncle Rush but I still don't vote
    Cause niggas on the ballot and there's still no hope
    So I'm back in the hood, Englewood to Inglewood
    Doin' work that politician should, good

    SNDCLSH are Amazing!!!! Anything from LU is appreciated


  3. I'd prefer more Japanese Cartoon over SNDCLSH. "Gasp" is spectacular.


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