Lupe Fiasco's Fun (And Not So Fun) Facts!

Lupe went on Twitter earlier and dropped some facts about his music and then answered questions from fans. Hit the jump to read them all!

Kick Push Fun Facts!
- The original burned CD copy of Kick, Push is at Uprise Skateshop in Chicago.
- The police scene in the video was real!
- Atlantic Records bought and owns the original song the beat is sampled from.
- Kick Push 2 had a different beat.

Kick Push Not So Fun Facts
- Kick Push lost to Money Maker at the Grammys which was ironically produced by Skateboard P!

Food & Liquor Fun Facts
- The original version of "The Cool" had SARA on the chorus which at the time Ty Dolla $ign was a member of.

Food & Liquor Not So Fun Facts
- While being downloaded over 1 Million Times (illegally but it's all good) FL1 has still not went gold.

Failure Stunt Fact
- If u listen really closely in certain parts of the song u can hear the many icy chains I used to wear clanking together.

Lupe Not So Fun Fact At All
- All of the high school era mixtape recordings with Bishop G and my old crew were lost.

Lupe Lost Ghostwrites Fact
- 1 of my personal best concepts was a song I wrote and recorded for Diddy way way back that was never used. #CRAZY
- It was the original version of THIS. Absolutely Destroyed It. #NeedToFindThat

- Will we ever hear it?
- I'm sure that's way down in the Bad Boy memory hole... But it was way crazy...wooh!

- Please tell me you have a record with Jay or Kanye stored???
- My original verse for Dont Look Down is crazy.

- Why did you change the Don't Look Down verse?
- Kanye wanted something that fit the movie. #LupeShrug

- Is there any other unreleased material you wish you'd have put out? Or anything in particular?
- The OG version of LASERS...Wooh! OG versions of Strange Fruition & Heart Donor (Sample Issues). Chris Martin singing Superstar !!!

- Food and Liquor 2 pt 2 fun facts?
- It's just sitting there chillin...

- Were any songs on the original Lasers put elsewhere?
- Nah...we used to do "Scream" live though

- Are the rumors true about u ghostwriting Allure for Jay Z?
- No..never wrote for Jay...

- Who have u wrote for?
- stuff I wrote was always too complex for people to rap. Never released.

- Why were your versions of Airplanes and Nothin On You not released?
- The label didnt like my versions & publishing.

- Have you had any other songs that the labels passed up that became hits for others?
- I had the "Did It On Em" beat.

- An article came out in 2010 where Drake stated he wanted to work with you. Why haven't you worked with him yet?
- I wanted Drizzy on "Army Girl" just didnt happen...then it was too late, he was outta here...

- Is there more to the MYH chronicles that we don't know about?
- Yes. It's a whole bloodline of Cools.

- Have you ever wanted to do a record with Eminem?
- Superstar Remix...

- How about doing a record with DJ Khaled?
- Negotiations collapsed lol...hahahaha

- What was your favorite experience of recording your latest work?
- Working with Nikki Jean and ROVEL.

- You ever gonna let The Weeknd sing on one of your songs..?
- An #FL2 dream deferred lol

- You ever gonna work with Jhene Aiko?
- We did...I lost the record to J.Cole. "Piru Blues" was "Sparks".

- Did you purposely not name Lasers "Lupe Fiasco's Lasers" because of the label problems?
- Yes.

- Was there any leftovers from The Cool that didnt make the cut cause of label stuff?
- Always leftovers.

- Is it true you ripped that one joint off from Guru and DJ Solaar ??? Daydream !?
- Not at all.


  1. It's fucking awesome to get into Lu's head about the good and the bad. Wish more artists would do it, so we could get their perspective as an artist better aside from the music and arts. Idk it's just nice to see someone be humble and honest about it.

  2. This is awesome. Hope he divulges more...

  3. Its kind of heartbreaking to hear all the L's Lupe had to take cause of OTHER ppls ignorance...especially Atlantic! OG Lasers would have been sick

    1. I know what you mean. Some of these answers, especially the terse 'yes' when asked about why Lasers doesn't have his name, nearly made me cry. He can't get away from those vultures soon enough.

  4. Right? I'm really glad he's almost off that damn Atlantic. He could of had monster hits with Airplanes and Nothing on You. Plus, the original Lasers.

    I think he should just assemble a greatest hits for the last album and they part ways.

  5. Collab with The Weeknd could be something purely risky but could be amazing if it happened


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