Video: Mickey Factz talks about his relationship with Lupe Fiasco and gives an update on All City Chess Club!

Mickey Factz spoke to Nerds With Passports a while back and at 3:58, he speaks on his relationship with Lupe. He also said that Lupe put him in charge of getting everybody in All City Chess Club together which is a difficult task and unless Pharrell takes the role, the group is pretty much defunct.

Hit the jump for part 2 of the interview!


  1. Thanks for posting our interview up. Mickey actually spoke to Nerds With Passports. We are contributors for HipHopGamer, which is why you'll find the interview on his channel and ours. If you want to post Part 2 of the interview as well, just head to to grab it. Thanks for posting this!

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Part 2 is now up as well!


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