Video: Lupe Fiasco visits Hot 97's Morning Show!

This morning, Lupe sat down with the Hot 97 Morning Show. Watch above as he talks about Mission and how cancer has personally affected him, THOT 97, the rise of Southern Hip Hop's influence, radio's influence on the landscape of music, recovering from being blackballed, says TDE is the best crew in years, debates Kendrick Lamar with Peter Rosenberg and gives props to a host of rappers (Young Thug, MF Doom, King Los, Logic, Cassidy, Hollow Da Don, Joe Budden, and AZ).

He reveals that Nikki Jean is on Tetsuo & Youth about 4 times, there's another collab with Ab-Soul on the album, he's trying to lock something in with SZA and says "Everything Look Better With A Bitch Next To It" ft Ty Dolla $ign might be the next single!


  1. "The album is amaaaaazing" - Lupe Fiasco

  2. hahah watched the whole thing what a great interview. and as for not giving the release date for the album i think its a marketing strategy so people dont just write off whatever project hes working on at the moment, and say "im waiting for the album", Lupe isnt dumb.

  3. Glad to see Lupe Fiasco having fun again

  4. No homo but I love how smart Lupe is..

  5. The debating the best lyricist part of the interview kinda pissed me off. Lupe knows damn well he's the illest dude to ever do it and he's defending and arguing over dudes who ain't all that at all compared to what he's said and done. And he gave himself a C+???? lol. It was sad that Rosenberg couldn't even say like yo you're put there all time lupe.
    Does anybody get what eye mean?


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