Video: Lupe Fiasco falls off stage then "embraces the chaos" and freestyles about it on SKEE Live!

Lupe performed on SKEE Live earlier this week and while the episode doesn't air until Friday, HipHopDX captured the above footage of Lupe falling off stage while performing "Mission" at the start of his set. Lupe went on to "embrace the chaos" and use that as the motivation for 1 of his 2 off the top freestyles that he did on stage.

Click HERE to see a preview of his appearance on SKEE Live and be sure to check out the full episode tomorrow at 8PM EST/5PM PST on ASX TV! Hit the jump to see his freestyle! < br />


  1. Nice freestyle! He should fall of the stage more often!

  2. that has to be like the third time Lu has fallen of the stage. quit RAAGIINNGGGGGG lol

  3. Played it off so smooth haha

  4. Classic Lu always falls off stage. From F&L to Lasers:


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