Video: Lupe Fiasco considers making a sequel to "The Cool" called "The Hot"!

You may remember that Lupe considered making a sequel to his sophmore album called "The Cooler". Well Nadeska Alexis from MTV asked him about a follow up to "The Cool", and he says that he was considering making something called "The Hot" at one point. He says the story would pick up where "The Cool" off Food & Liquor left off with Michael Young History getting robbed then going to visit his daughter. 2 years ago, I attempted to put the pieces of the saga together (which you can read HERE) so this is something that I've personally been waiting for and would love to see come to fruition eventually!

He also speaks about his joint project with S1 called Black Vietnam, which he compared to Gang Starr. Based off Lupe and S1's chemistry on songs for Tetsuo & Youth, they decided to keep the energy going with Black Vietnam which was originally an idea Lupe had for Kanye West. It may be released independently or on a major label, but Lupe says he will take advantage of his position as music director for the USMNT and release something off Black Vietnam for the World Cup!

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