Video: Lupe Fiasco compares the reactions to Justin Bieber's racist jokes & Donald Sterling's remarks!

Lupe voiced his opinion on Justin Bieber's racist comments to MTV:

“I don’t think anybody should be allowed to profit off racism,” he continued. “Donald Sterling made a billion dollars [when] he sold the team, and there was such an uproar about somebody who didn’t use the N-word at all, but then you have somebody who made a very racist joke about it — I wonder if Justin Bieber’s gonna get the same treatment as Donald Sterling?”

“I don’t think he will,” Lupe said, answering his own question.

via MTV


  1. Sterling's an adult though, Bieber made that joke when he was a teen.

  2. Many teens make mistakes. Justin is no different. On the other hand Donald Sterling has a track record of actions that would show is bigotry. Lupe is not looking at this in the proper context.

    1. It's still quite an explicit thing to say regardless of age. Has he come out and apologised for it yet?

  3. lol another video of beiber popped up where he says he'll join the kkk and kill niggers

  4. Does that suppose to be funny? Dumbass.

  5. if we were all judged by the things we did and said when we were 14, we would all be up Sh*ts Creek

  6. We must make jokes but not on the racism as this would create a discrimination in the American society and the slogan of being united would be ruined. In my point of view this joke of Justin Bieber is one of the most 11 racism jokes.


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