Lupe Fiasco wants YOU to choose his next collaboration! [Twitter Updates]

Lupe went on Twitter yesterday and answered questions from fans. Here are some highlights:

- Artists only get paid for 11 songs on an album, so Tetsuo & Youth will have 12 tracks instead of the 17 we initially reported.

- Skulls will be entirely produced by Soundtrakk.

- His favorite track off Tetsuo & Youth is called Adoration Of The Magi.

Finally, he asked who everybody wants to see him work with. So for the next week, tweet him who you'd like to see him collab with and he'll tally up the votes and reach out to the artist that wins and try to make it happen. So far the people with the most votes are Nas, Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper!


  1. Skulls shall be fucking GOAT!!!! And I would say K.Dot but naa son NAS NAS NAS!

  2. NAS, JAY-Z, or Eminem... even BOB worked with EMINEM!

  3. Jay elec, joey badass, joe budden, willie the kid.

  4. Jack White, formally of The White Stripes. I'm not even joking.. It would be amazing!

  5. Nikki Jean Nikki Jean Nikki Jean Nikki Jean Nikki Jean

    1. it was stated in a radio interview hes got some songs with nikki jean already prepped for T&Y

  6. Tetsuo & Youth and Skulls will be the future versions of Food & Liquor & The Cool. Lupe take over the rap game again.


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