Charlie Wilson happy to share cancer triumphs on Lupe Fiasco's "Mission"!

Charlie Wilson spoke to Yahoo Music about his contribution to "Mission":
Charlie Wilson is the perfect, featured artist for a song about beating cancer. The R&B legend, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008, has a miraculous story of defeating the disease. After overcoming radiation treatments, he made a rebound, resuming touring and delivering one of the most energetic stage shows.

But Wilson's appearance on Lupe Fiasco's new anti-cancer song "Mission" happened by coincidence. "Lupe called me wanting me to come do something," Wilson tells Yahoo Music. "'Mission' wasn't the song he called me for. We did some songs together and he played me this song. I said, 'I'm a cancer survivor.'"

Once Lupe realized Wilson's history with the ailment, he insisted that he be added to the recording. On the final mix, Wilson is the first of many people who share their testimonials about the disease, and he also sings on the song's outro.
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PREVIOUSLY: Lupe Fiasco & Charlie Wilson in the studio working on "Mission"!


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