Video: Lupe Fiasco Interview + Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays! [UPDATED]

With Al Lindstrom filling in for Tony Touch, Lupe went up to Toca Tuesday's on Shade 45 last week. Listen below as he reveals that "Old School Love" will NOT be on Tetsuo & Youth and Future is featured on the album. He goes on to talk about the diversity of the album and says that he's in the middle of trying to pick 17 out of about 25 songs to put on the album.

He also talks about his roles as ambassador for Stand Up To Cancer and music director for the Men's US Soccer team. He also briefly talks about the Black Vietnam project and mentions that he hopes Skulls will be out in less than 12 months, sometime around next spring!

Watch above as he spits another dope 4 minute off the top freestyle! Shout out to Fitim for the rip!


  1. S/o to juice and al amend for their work on the blog

  2. Wasn't as good as the previous one. But it was okay (:

  3. Lupe the freestyle KING! "shit is so wild never tamed.. your shit is so child so trash.. I take your chain! like 50 on chain Summer jam!" haha

  4. He SPAZZED but is it 17 or 12 songs? Makes an huge difference

  5. Replies
    1. on twitter you can have typos.. you cant have typos in what you're saying

    2. But he could fix his typos. Somebody asked him why not 15 and he responded with "fun fact: i only get paid for 11". Maybe he changed his mind to 12 sometime after this interview.


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