Video: The Futuristics say they have an upcoming song with Lupe Fiasco called "Believer"!

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Alex Schwartz and Joe Khajadourian, better known as the production and songwriting duo The Futuristics, spoke to HitFix last week on the red carpet for the ASCAP Pop Awards. At 3:25, they mention that they have an upcoming song that they worked on with Lupe called "Believer".


  1. These guys are generic producers that work for Atlantic making lame songs like I Cry.I hope this song is not on Tetsuo & Youth because it's probably a song Atlantic forced Lupe to do

  2. A song called "I Cry" you say?

  3. That Game "Pot Of Gold" joint was actually pretty fire... I'm intrigued...

  4. they just worked with jack antonoff--the guitarist from fun. who also has his own band bleachers. they are pretty great-- check them out if you havent. but i'm excited to see what the song they wrote together is like


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