Throwback Thursday: Lupe Fiasco - Lu Myself

Rapping over Eminem's Academy Award winning track "Lose Yourself" may not be an easy task for just anybody. The original track is considered by many to be Em's magnum opus with intricate rhyme schemes, cadences and flows but a young Lupe took the challenge back in 2004. With probably his most aggressive flow ever, Lupe steps up to the plate and drops a verse filled with matching intricacy and punchlines galore...
Like I'm just a rapper and I ain't dapper, I'm frequently fly, I could go to France for free!

...CRAZY! Shout out to @Mills_7thBoro for picking this week's throwback!

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  1. Loose myself.. LU MYSELF? Yeah! Lu myself, first of all accuse myself for being a fool. All attempts to school myself have failed. To improve means to remove myself from this pool of sharks: Dark as the mood I felt. I'm loosing fuel; that's all the food I refused myself.

  2. And if I lose, I could never excuse myself. Until I grow old, sit back, and accrue my wealth!

  3. bars for days lol haha testsuo youth dropping june 3rd just a guess.

    The album is gonna be good i just know it

  4. Who else you know keep the Mickey D tucked with the Windy on his shoulders?


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