[UPDATED] Lupe Fiasco unlocks his Twitter and gives new info about Tetsuo & Youth!

After locking his Twitter account and calling his private profile North Scorea in July of last year, Lupe has decided to make his profile public again. Tread lightly though because he will still be blocking people who get out of pocket.

He expressed that he still has interest in the long awaited collab with Jay Electronica to which Jay responded. It also seems that we may be getting Punchlines ft Math Hoffa, Loaded Lux and Soul Khan soon depending on if Justice League release it or not. Finally, it appears that Boi-1da will be on Tetsuo & Youth and sample clearance issues with the beats he produced may partly explain the delay with the album. Tetsuo Season is now in full swing!

UPDATE: After tweeting that he believes Marcos Maidana actually won in his majority decision loss against Floyd Mayweather in tonight's fight, Lupe decided to relock his Twitter after receiving negative feedback. As he put it, "That's why my twitter was private...the overreaction of the masses to my personal opinions...".

He also said that the single release date will be coming next week. Whether that means "Mission" isn't a single for Tetsuo & Youth or it's release date has changed isn't clear at the moment.

UPDATE #2: His Twitter is public again...


  1. #TetsuoSeasonnnnnnn!!!!!!

  2. Im ready for this, the anticipation is overwhelming.

  3. Punchlines.... wasssupppp!

  4. I think I jumped so high Im on The moon

  5. lupe need to stop bein a cry baby on twitter who cares if ppl dont like ur opinionsssssssssssss

    1. U shouldn't block people on twitter Lupe shame on you...say what u have to say let everyone else do the same and let it be

  6. Fs fs
    People need to grow up on twitter! #keyboard gangsters

  7. Why is he so bothered about what other ppl feel about what he said? Seriously?!

  8. I guess this is part of lupe's legacy

  9. ^The fact that you laughed, made ME laugh XD

    I suppose it IS part of his "legacy" now though :/

  10. Lol yeah I couldn't help but laugh.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Lu and his music, I just wish he didn't take some things so personally. We all know, including himself, how much of a badass and role model he is. Who cares what people think? I mean people will love and hate, it's life. I'm sure he knows.

    I honestly think it's just all that "backlash and politics" that's been steered to him makes him avoid the drama. Which I don't blame him, but a great man once said "I'm fearless, now hear this, I'm earless, and I'm peerless." You're the man Lu!


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