Lupe Fiasco included on TheBoomBox's list of "10 Artists That Could Drop Classic Albums This Year"!

Despite label beef and controversy, Lupe Fiasco remains in the conversation when discussing elite MCs. A polarizing figure quick to speak his mind on social and political topics, the Chi-Town rep has become a lightning rod of sorts within the hip-hop community. But maybe that's what the game needs more of: an artist not afraid to buck the system and shed light on the topics that are often overlooked or ignored by his peers.

With his last few commercial releases being deemed underwhelming and his rep as one of the elite lyricists in question, we expect Lupe to be motivated by the whispers and rise to the occasion like a handful of legends have (LL Cool J, Nas) before him. An album on the docket for release this year and a growing sense of competition spreading throughout the game, we predict 'Tetsuo & Youth' to be Fiasco's best offering since 'Food & Liquor.'

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  1. Best offering since Food & Liquor? More like best since The Cool...

  2. I think it'll be his best produced album

  3. Ehh... If there's any trap in this, it could easily be his Worst album.

    1. Man Lupe sounds dope on trap also (thot 97), he said this album is a balanced mixture of everything. So you can expect everything in there.I don't care which style he's gonna use because the lyricism is always gon be there.

  4. ^ bruh Lupe sounds amazing on trap beats...thot 97.... hello...


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