Throwback Thursday: Lupe Fiasco - Game Time

Lupe's lyrical prowess is often held in high regard with common examples of such being Failure, Mean & Vicious, Lupe The Killer, etc. One of the songs that is criminally overlooked in terms of being a pure masterful display of lyricism is this track off the leaked version of Food & Liquor. Not only does Lupe drop a triple entendre...
They hope I Domino and free up my delivery, and at the same time mock my (magnificence/magnet for cents/magna for sense)

...but he immediately follows that up by rhyming words that he DOESN'T EVEN ACTUALLY SAY!!!...
I'm just tryna do the opposite of left (right) as long as there's the opposite of death (life), YES! You test and I just might bring the opposite of life (death) til there's no one the opposite of right (left)

...and that's only the third verse! Shout out to @CheckMyEsque for picking this week's throwback!

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  1. I think a lot of Lupe fans was sleep on this track. Not me though!!

  2. The leak had some gems. Spaz Out is still one of my favorites.

  3. Tooootally forgot about this one!!

  4. "as you bop down writer's block,
    ya can't find it? i address,
    i correct you a dress, I a pair a pants
    i am on a rola(motorola) you are just a pair of cans"


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