Throwback Thursday: Lupe Fiasco (ft. Sarah Green) - Intruder Alert

This week's throwback is just 1 of the masterpieces from Lupes' sophmore album, The Cool. Even though each verse is only 8 bars long, Lupe manages to tell 3 different stories in vivid detail that puts you in the shoes of a rape victim, a drug addict and an immigrant. Sarah Green caps it off with an incredible bridge that ties the intruder concept together.

Side Note: Ever noticed that the melody line on this track is the same as the one on Hip Hop Saved My Life in a different key/octave/tempo?

Shout out to @FuckYouFearMe for picking this week's throwback. If you'd like to be responsible for next week's #ThrowbackThursday, tweet us a suggestion with the hashtag!


  1. I did a project in school on this song!

  2. Still a classic track, i always feel a certain way everytime i hear this song.

  3. Vividly remembers every pipe
    Every needle that stuck him
    Every alley he ever slept in
    Every purse that he snuck in

    Every level of Hell he's been to
    And the one that he's stuck in
    The one he can't escape
    Even though its of his own construction

    Maybe you can relate
    Maybe you're one of those that just doesn't
    Maybe he doesn't care
    LOVES to allow his demons to come in

  4. With songs like this, I wonder why people still question Lupe the goat's genius


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