Photo-Op: Lupe Fiasco visits the Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern University + single called "Mission" dropping May 19th!

Earlier today, Lupe made an impromptu visit to the Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern University in Chicago. He took time to speak with the patients and staff, and played them some music as well!

UPDATE: Someone who was at the Lurie Cancer Center during Lupe's visit tweeted that he shared the inspiration behind a new song called "Mission" before playing it for them. They also said that all survivors should be on the look out for it on May 20th!

Could this be a new single off Tetsuo & Youth or Black Vietnam? Stay tuned!

UPDATE #2: Confirmed for Tetsuo & Youth!

UPDATE #3: Lupe just went on Twitter and pushed the release up by a day so expect "Mission" to drop on May 19th. Head over to WeAreOnAMission.Org for the official artwork and countdown of its release!


  1. Lupe's jersey when he was @ Dodgers Stadium say "Mission" as well

  2. Probably means promo for TY will actually start soon

  3. lupe's single "mission" drop may 19th. said so on facebook

  4. Lupe's twitter is unlocked again...follow while you can ! but tread carefully, and yall just be respectful mayne.

  5. Multiple hip hop sites have said Mission is the first single off Tetsold & Youth. Does that mean old school love isn't on the album anymore?

    1. probably a bonus track. mission looks like it's gonna turn put to be something pretty decent. the official artwork for it is sweeeeeet. also from what amazon is saying it's a 6min long song.


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