Old School Love cassette tapes (w/ Tetsuo & Youth pre-order codes) on sale NOW!

During the Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour, these Old School Love cassettes were available at the merch booth and they sold out fast. But now, they have restocked and you can head over to LupeFiascoStore.com and get your very own copy!

It also comes with a code that gives you an instant download of Old School Love (ft Ed Sheeran) and will allow you to redeem a digital copy of Tetsuo & Youth the day of its release. To redeem the album, you have to enter the code HERE. Act fast though because there are limited quantities, so get yours while you can!


  1. Tetsuo & Youth coming soon

  2. funny this track is Parental Advisery just cuz Lu says nigga in the 3rd verse lmao

  3. ^^Lol. Just bought it, should be a nice decorative piece. Free shipping too

  4. He's naming his album: Lupe Fiasco's Tetsuo & Youth or Lupe Fiasco Tetsuo & Youth?

  5. This comes with a redemption code for Tetsuo and Youth? It doesn't say it anywhere on the store website...can someone confirm this?

    1. It does! It's on the back of the card you see in the above picture. That code gives you the ability to download the album on the day of its release.


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