Lupe Fiasco will be making his catwalk debut in Australia!

Rapper Lupe Fiasco is set to try his hand at modelling on Thursday (10Apr14) when he hits the catwalk in Australia.

The Superstar hitmaker is friends with Australian design duo Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty and has now agreed to appear in a fashion show for their line Song for the Mute during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney.

The hip-hop star admits he is nervous about his runway debut, but hopes his experience as a fashion show spectator will stand him in good stead.

He tells Australian newspaper the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "This is the first time I've walked in a fashion show. I don't know what to do but I have been to enough fashion shows - I'm just going to emulate the people I have seen: you know, laser eyes. Hopefully I don't fall and break a heel!" - ContactMusic

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  1. lol "Fall n break a heel" He will be fine I think he's a natural!

  2. I'm actually kinda pissed at this... Just give a release date and stop douching around man.

    This is SO irrelevant!

  3. Do you idiots realize where 80% of his new songs debut at ? Aussieland

    1. Read my earlier comment again. Really, try to comprehend it.

      All you've done is further substantiate the issue of irrelevance in my earlier statement. No one cares about Lu walking up and down cat walks, or performing live at Uni's across America, and least of all, about where 80% of tracks debut at. The comments on those threads speak for themselves.

      Right now fans are anxious about Tetsuo And Youth due to the belief that its already completed, and the fact that a release date was promised for early 2014, yet we've heard nothing. Instead, we're all in the dark, and it is infuriating to hear about ridiculous "catwalk" plans which I'm sure would make Chill himself wince with disgust.

      But thats all besides the point... Or, it would be if you failed to comprehend what I had gotten at earlier.

      You should go to sleep :)


  4. I sooo want to see lupe! I live in Sydney. Anyone got more details on where to find him or what else he's doing here?? Please share!


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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