Lupe Fiasco talks about appearing on the runway, Kanye West's clothing line and Jay-Z!

Lupe is currently in Sydney to walk the catwalk for Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty's line, Song For The Mute, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. They spoke to Marie Claire magazine ahead of the event, here are some excerpts:

On making his catwalk debut:
Lupe, you’re making your catwalk debut tonight: how do you feel about that?
Lupe: It’s not really like a catwalk, it’s just a box right guys?
Melvin: Yeah, a pedestal (laughs)
Lupe: No, it’s cool. I’m not even thinking about it. I mean I’ll just put on some clothes, walk to the end, turn around and come back again.
Melvin: Yeah we didn’t think about that, are you nervous at all? (laughs).
Lupe: Well I'm going closing the show – I get to watch all the models do their thing first and then I’ll just copy what they do. It’s like cheating!

On first getting interested in fashion:
How did you first get interested in fashion?
Lupe: I have a couple of friends from Japan who run a label called and Phenomenon and Swagger, which is streetwear. Phenonemen is a little more experimental, and they asked if I wanted to do a collaboration. I was like, hell yeah! We did a winter collection and I came up with all this weird shit, like a rabbit’s hat and space jackets – and it sold out! So I thought, maybe I can actually do this. But it was a very natural process. I always said that if I didn’t have a good idea, I wouldn’t do it. So if I only have an idea for one jacket, that’s all I’ll do. Fashion is hard, I look to the professionals for the design side.
Melvin: He has a great style of his own though.
Lyan: Yeah, you’ve got a good eye Lupe.

On Kanye's fashion line:
What do you think about other celebrity lines, like Kanye West’s for example?
Lupe: It’s good to see, but I think there’s a fine line between really making good clothes and celebrity-hyped clothes. At the end of the day, the clothes will always speak for themselves. No matter how big the fashion show is, or how much marketing money you put behind it, or how many magazine ads you take out for it, if the clothes don’t stand up by themselves, without anybody in them, then it doesn’t matter who’s making them.

On his relationship with Jay-Z:
Jay Z has had an influence in your career – are you guys still friendly today?
Lupe: I got my first record deal when I was in a group at age 19, long before I knew Jay Z. He executive produced my first album for Warner Music though. So it wasn’t my first deal or the first step in my career, but it was the first time I got to release an album. It was pretty cool. We help each other out. It wasn’t just one-way, I’ve done stuff for him too. We see each other from time to time still.

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  1. read Lupe last lines on Jay-z "We help each other out. it wasn't just one-way, i've done stuff for him too" oh shiiiit I Knew it Lupe did fucking ghostwrote some of Jayz song on Black Album..

    Honestly listen to Allure and What more can i say and tell me that didnt have lupe influence on it...I knew it dawg been saying this for its coming into light. Man imagine if lu wanted to go after jay hahaha it would be a career suicide for jay to even respond, cuz lu got him in check..

  2. Lupe will be the best for last at this show. it would be cool if he started performing afterward. but that would be too much attention on him. :)


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