Lupe Fiasco relies on these six creatives to shape his success!

Crain's Chicago Business did a feature where Lupe sits down with Naomi Beckwith and he speaks about an informal circle of six people that he relies on to help shape his success as a creative. Those people include:

The Mentor: Michael Ferro Jr.
The Curator: Naomi Beckwith
The Risk Taker: Aitor Throup
The Analyst: Sky Gellatly
The Philanthropist: Kenna Zemedkun
The Internet Guru: Brian "DJ Busy" Dackowski

Hit the links to read what Lupe had to say about his relationship with each individual. After the jump, Lupe speaks about Michael Ferro Jr. and Naomi recalls how an idea involving ballons at an art show nourished the creativity of a 12 year old autistic boy in Chicago!


  1. yo the video does not work..any link to this or youtube? hollaaa

    1. My web browsers been tripping lately so maybe its the same for you. Videos work on Safari for me tho. But if not, click the bolded text in the post, it will direct you to the full story on Crain's website, videos and all.

  2. Lupe looks superfly in this video. Just love how he sat there and listens. Such an intelligent conversation.

  3. I'm still waiting on that book, remember? About a window washer...

  4. Where are the women? Where are the Blacks? They have no role in your success? umph


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