Video: Ty Dolla $ign says Lupe Fiasco wrote the "Snitches" hook and they have 3 other songs together!

Ty Dolla $ign spoke with Esteban Serrano over at Fuse while at the SXSW 2014 festival. He talked about growing up around music and his upcoming debut album Free TC. He goes on to say that the hook for "Snitches" was wrriten by Lupe, and that it was actually the 4th song they worked on together. He also gave some details about the studio sessions, stating that Lupe is now in his Top 5 after watching the way he works.

You can expect to hear more from these 2 as both of them will appear on each others upcoming albums. In the meantime, click HERE to get Ty Dolla $ign's latest project, Beach House EP!


  1. Love what he said about how genius Lu is in the booth.

  2. Can't wait for "Bitch" and "Niggas gon Lose"

  3. didn't know much about Ty Dolla or his music but watching that interview, man he seems like a cool, real dude. Just like a really chill guy that's cool to talk to. his answer to the "lifestyle vs. music" question was dope.


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