Matthew Santos says "American Terrorist" is his favorite collab with Lupe Fiasco!

Matthew Santos spoke to Jesse Menendez over at The Music Vox recently. In their chat, Matthew talked about starting out as a visual artist, transitioning to music, his trip to Alaska, global warming, putting social commentary in his music, his upcoming project and more.

Matthew also says that out of all the songs he made with Lupe, "American Terrorist", "Shining Down" and "Fighters" are his favorites with "Superstar" being his least favorite. Listen to the interview below and click HERE for Matthew's latest album, Quickly Disappearing!


  1. He's such a lame....haunted by Lupe fame...ppl know u because lupe put u in the game....him hating on superstar is a god damn shame...crying and complaining like a dame...because of superstar ppl know ur name...ppl complaining about what ppl know u of, it's all the same....

    Tokyo Tony

  2. Sorry, dude. Have to disagree with your own opinion of your own songs. Lol. Greatest Lupe/Santos song.... 'Streets On Fire.' Fact.

    1. Probably my favourite song as well...

      "My Femme Fatal
      My darling fraudulent angel
      Once caught her changing
      The batteries in her halo
      Receipt for her wings
      And everything that she paid for
      And the address
      To the factory
      Where they made those"

    2. Hahah I was thinking the same thing...


    3. Truth be told, 'Streets on Fire' is my favorite rap song of all time. Glad to know there are others out there who dig it too.

  3. As far as Matthew Santos goes, it's really hard to go against Fighters. He sings the hell out of that song.


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