Beautiful Black Portland says "Lupe Definitely Not A Fiasco!"

The good folks over at Beautiful Black Portland experienced the Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour when Lupe came into town:
Lupe is dope! I was feigning from the time he steps on the stage and drops the first hit, Lamborghini Angles. I ride the Lupe high all night as he delivers hit after hit! If you’ve never experienced Lupe live or even if you have, here’s a list of why the next time Lupe visits Portland you should go:

1. Welcome to Lupe’s World

Have you ever attended a concert only to be reminded of how vastly different your life is from the artist? I mean, you have a good time and all, but you never really connect with the artist? Lupe has that rare thing many artists strive for but few achieve. He invites you in, offers all he has and makes you feel good until it’s time to go. You leave a Lupe concert feeling like you know him, like somehow your closer to Lupe. You don’t rock AT a Lupe Concert, You rock WITH Lupe, trust me there’s a difference.

They go on to list a few other reasons why the concert was an incredible experience. Yours truly also attended the Portland concert and I co-sign everything they said. It was an awesome show from beginning to end, and my voice was shot for the next few days!

Click HERE to check out the full article, follow them HERE & HERE, and take heed from Beautiful Black Portland and I. If Lupe is set to rock a stage near you, DON'T miss it!


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