Gemstones predicts that he and Lupe Fiasco will collaborate again soon!

Gemstones recently spoke with HipHopDX and he had this to say about his relationship with Lupe :
"I would love to work with Lupe again,” Gemstones continues. "I know he would love to work with me. That’s my brother, man. We rarely even talked about music. We did music because that’s the profession we were in, but we are brothers. Lupe would pick me up every day. We would ride around, go eat, talk about UFOs, the government, how the world would be in the future and the things people were afraid to speak on record.

It was like, ‘Where do you think the world is going to be in 20 years?’ We spoke on that. He is Muslim and I’m Christian, but we didn’t look down on each other. It was all love. We spoke on religion. We would be like, ‘Do you think you’re serving the right God?’ ‘How do you know the God you’re serving is the right one, Stones?’ Our conversations and chemistry was off the chain. Time heals all wounds. We’ll be working together soon.”

This is something I'd personally love to see because Gemstones is right, the chemistry was undeniable. From crazy back and forths like "We On" and "The Die", to Stones killing the hook on countless tracks. Be on the look out for Gemstones upcoming mixtape, AFTER, as well as his album, Blind Elephant !


  1. Too much greatness coming from this blog lately....Oh My God

  2. was lupe ever mad at gemstones?? i was always wondering that

  3. "The Die" is a fucking Classic

  4. Oh gosh..."The Die" and "We On" back and forth rapping style by Gemstones and Lupe is unparalleled in rap. Would be DOPE to hear them collab in a new song

  5. a mixtape, album or ep with just the two of them would have been classic

  6. Hopefully, they will collab on Lupe next album--Skulls


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