Audio: Esko talks to Street Khemistry and reaches out to Lupe Fiasco!

Newest FNF signee, Esko, recently talked to the homies over at Street Khemistry. Esko used the platform to reach out to Lupe in hopes of being able to sit down and soak up game from his fellow label mate. Listen to the interview below!

Props to DJ Instynctz, Balistik and Fiasco The God. Hit the jump to stream Esko's mixtape, Young & Restless Vol. 2!



  1. So Lupe didn't sign him himself or something? Not really getting how they never met.

    And if Lupe had nothing to with Esko The Kid's signing, I wonder how he felt when found out considering how Lu had a close friend from NYC named Esco that died.

    Also thought that Lu was done with signing/managing artists and is instead letting them open up for him during his shows as to give them exposure.

    Kinda sad when you think about what FNF was suppose to be and what it ultimately ended up being.

    1. To answer your question no I wasnt signed by Lupe I was signed by Chill my manager made everything happen as far as not having the chance to sit and chop it up with Lupe he is busy I understand that I dont feel any type of negative way towards it Lupe is a legend and Im honored to be apart of the same label as him and as far as my experience with FNF its been nothing but love we are a family and evrything is going fine and well no animosity or confrontation or any thing negative we are going strong and I hope to carry the torch for the label and be as successful as I can possibly be

    2. Huge Lupe fan so where can I find your music to give it a listen since you're part of the team

  2. You are fuking shit, bombaclot man!

  3. Chilly chill signed him from behind a pison cell. Lol and never let lupe know or check this guy out. I think he chill said it for a joke or something and this guy took it seriously. Worst management ever that's why FNF failed no structure or co-ordination.

  4. Lupe is the only artist thriving on FNF, this is due to him also being signed to Atlantic. Sad, but true. I don't know of any artist signed to FNF to make it. As a label FNF is a failure, lupe needs work harder and learn to be a proper business man. For example little wanye would never sign someone and not meet them nor would jay z. Lupe is always saying a lot and doing little, he needs to get organized.


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