Video: Lupe Fiasco, Stalley, Mickey Factz, The Boy Illinois and Dee-1 freestyle in Boston!

Last night, the Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour made a stop at the House Of Blues in Boston. All the acts, including Mickey Factz who has joined the East Coast leg of the tour, got on stage and had a rap cypher with the beats made live on the spot by Floss & Fame.


  1. Lupe just killed them all haha, they were still dope though, i wonder if their all on T&Y??

  2. Sean ya fukin bam lupes coming to the Uk, glasgow, why did you not let anyone know? I found out 2 days ago and you are meant to let us know this way before he comes which is the 15th of december!

    1. According to his tour schedule, he'll be in Baltimore on the 15th which is the last day of the T&Y Preview tour. Can you link me to the Glasgow information?

  3. I can't find any links, but people are selling the tickets. Its a charity event at thistle hotel (if you live in glasgow you should know where that is) i got my tickets at a shop called ataa jewllers in pollocksheilds (again if you live in glasgow you will know or find out where that is), you can try the thistle hotel webstie you might get it there, i will try and find a link.

  4. it's on the 18th of december sorry, it's a charity event for the phillipines, try this link , hope i i helped =)


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