Pics: From Old to New School (A Fan Story)

Danie, a long time Lupe fan kinda made it full circle this week when going to see Lupe's show in New York 2 nights ago. She met him once in 2007 and now she went to a show again. Check out the pics, back then and now. That's what you call old school love.

In honor of Lupe doing older songs, for my birthday I flew all the way from Miami to New York to see his show last night, VIP of course. I did this commute back in 2007, when Lupe was just a brand new artist - so to celebrate old school, I did it again full circle on my 29th birthday as an original fan from the beginning.

Last time, I was arranged to meet Lupe after the show and we had such a blast chatting while I picked his brain over the lyrics to his songs and interpretations. I loved Lupe music from the earlier mixtape years and Food & Liquor is my favorite rap album.


  1. Wow that's such a cool story, Lu really hasn't aged that much

  2. Every fan of Lupe needs to be like this, Lets make Tetsuo and Youth a #1 album and give Lupe another plaque.


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