Lupe Fiasco makes art out of breaking art rules with "BOUND" photo exhibition!

Lupe, presented under his real name Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, is currently holding his 3rd photography art exhibit in New York City. The exhibition which is sponsored by Anonymous Gallery and WOLF Studios runs until December 21st, and he spoke to ARTnews about some of the obstacles he faced while taking the pictures:
...Guards do not find this amusing.

“I got busted at the Warhol Museum,” he said at his opening last night at Anonymous Gallery, where the photos are part of his first solo art exhibition.

If you'd like to see the exhibit in person, you can check it out at 60 Reade Street, open from 12PM to 6PM. Click HERE to read ARTnews' full review of the "BOUND" exhibit. Also, hit the jump to read the official press release and see some of the ironic photos that annoyed security guards!

Anonymous Gallery and Wolf Studio are proud to present BOUND, a project created by WASALU MUHAMMAD JACO.

The definition of the word “Bound” is to confine and yet also to progress towards something. To limit to a specific place or duty but also to traverse to a distant point. The exercise within BOUND is to transgress institutional limits but in a manner both wholly meaningful and wholly absurd. The seriousness of the subject matter is at once paired with the trivial action applied to disarm it. A sort of direct indirection that represents the opposing duality present within the title itself.

Inconspicuous situated and installed behind a jewlery store in Tribeca, nyc, the project is anchored by works of photography that capture powerful moments of irony and provoke evaluation by investigating institutionalism. The exhibition also features film, sound recordings and mixed media installations under the banner of “A.R.T. (Area Restrictive Technology)” produced by a company called APS (Art Protection Systems). APS was started specifically for BOUND. APS is a company that specializes in producing effective deterrents used to keep works of art from being molested or tampered with in any way. Each photo is partnered with a corresponding piece of A.R.T. which acts as a physical/psychological barrier, or Boundary if you will, between the photo and the observer. The addition of “A.R.T.” to BOUND creates another layer of absurdity and yet strong purpose. WARNING: The “A.R.T.” is real and fully operational. Physical harm can be inflicted if one chooses to cross the set boundaries and tamper with or molest the photos in anyway deemed unfit by the artist and APS.

The photography, film and sound of ‘BOUND’ were all captured within art institutions and museums across 3 continents (North America: MOCA-LA, MOMA-NYC, The Geffen-LA, MCA-CHI; Australia: MCA-SYDNEY; Europe: Centre Pompidou-PARIS)

Below, Lupe uses what seems to be a more effective way of enforcing the "Don't Touch" rule...


  1. should include some pictures where you've taken a picture of a "no photography" sign.. yup

  2. Sean do you know if this is open to the public ?

  3. Its open to the public from 12-6pm, next week, Monday - Saturday

  4. Those kind of exhibitions create awareness about it while necessary with talent to make professional makeover photo shoot. Thanks for public opinion


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