Lupe Fiasco discusses the "BOUND" exhibit with Ebony!

The exhibit has already closed, but Ebony caught up with Lupe at the "BOUND" art display. You can click HERE to read the full interview, excerpt below:
EBONY: What were you trying to convey with the BOUND pop-up art installation?

Lupe Fiasco: Well, at once its an exercise in duality, recognizing duality, that's how I work. Working in irony and in ironic situations. This one particularly had to do with museums so all the photos are taken at museums around the world. And specifically, photos that are taken of me "breaking the rules" of that particular museum. So I might touch something in a "do not touch" zone---you're kinda breaking the rule on the surface, but you're not really [breaking it]. You're not because the sign is meant to say 'don't touch the art, don't touch this... don't touch the picture, don't touch the sculpture.'

For me, I took it as more like, I'm going to just touch this..and it started off as personal joke for myself and then as I started going out to different museums, seeing different signs, different versions of different signs, different fonts of signs and logos and etc and then just completely off the wall instructions for you like yo, keep 18 inches away from all the paintings et cetera, et cetera. Its like, c'mon!


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