Audio: Lupe Fiasco talks about the N-word; says "Audubon Ballroom" was inspired by Kanye West!

Lupe sat down with Spangooli The Don on Say Word Radio WCRX a few weeks ago. They debated the power that the N-word has this day in age, and Lupe told a story of how Kanye inspired him to write "Audubon Ballroom" off Food & Liquor 2 with his performance of "Gold Digger" during the Glow In The Dark tour.

He also explained how "Dumb It Down" came about, and referenced "Tilted" as one of his earlier records that could be considered ratchet. Listen to the interview below!


  1. it was too short,i want conversations with lu

  2. He was asking how tilted went and I just kept singing the hook like he could hear me lol.

  3. Knowing bout Dumb It Down and Tilted...
    Oh and let's not forget Lu had gray hair since 11!


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