Video: Lupe Fiasco on Chris Brown, "People aren't giving him the benefit of the doubt."

Lupe sat down with Stylz & Roman from B96 while in Chicago a few days ago. They talked about Thanksgiving, favorite places to tour, making "Old School Love", Derrick Rose, #1234, Crack and more.

Lupe also went on to speak about the media scrutiny Chris Brown has been dealing with by saying, "People don't want to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he's reacting to something very serious. We only get to see the reaction, not the source of it." He made a comparison with his recent tomato incident, stating that sometimes celebrities are put in situations where measures have to be taken to ensure their safety. Alot was discussed in this interview so make sure to check it out above!

UPDATE: In case the video doesn't load, check it HERE


  1. so is there just cause in slapping around your then girlfriend? some things have no excuse, and most of the reaction is juvenile angst from spoiled celebrities. and a track record speaks for itself, a lot of these are not one time offenses but a pattern of behavior.

  2. Damn, this interview made me smile, especially around the 17:00 mark...(too bad you gotta wait for the video to load).

    Turning negative in postive. Yeah Lu, keep doing that! :)
    SoupFiasco...Going to be buying a few for the fam for winter!



  4. Ed sheeran will get more pussy than that repoter will get in his life, Eds talanted and that just disrespectful, lupe's the man, genius, G.O.A.T, wonder who else is going to be on T&Y, Pitbull?, Mickey factz?, T-pain?? Oooohh cant wait!!

  5. Replies
    1. The thing is that you're immediately associating "Chris Brown's media scrutiny" with the domestic abuse case from a few years ago. Maybe you didn't watch the interview, but Lupe was specifically speaking about the recent situation where Chris Brown was in DC and a man supposedly had his nose broken while trying to get on to his tour bus. THAT'S the benefit of the doubt he was referring to, don't jump to conclusions based in bias....

    2. 100! people explain shit to u clearly and mofos still don't get it...smh

  6. comment deleted, not sure what he said

  7. @ 22:33 Lupe mentions Hip-Hop Mom out in Denver. No doubt, Hip-Hop Mom was one of my high school English teachers. She's always been a fan of hip-hop, she had posters of 2Pac in her classroom, and was always quoting 2Pac and knew a ton about the genre.

    When I was at his show in Denver (11/24), I told my friend that there was a lady standing in a doorway behind the DJ. I said, "That's my old high school teacher, no bullshit." Lupe even gave her a shout-out on stage that night too. It was dope! Keep doing your thing Shep!


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