1. Yup. im going to have a great time at the concert on Monday. Can't wait.

  2. I seen Lupe at the Steppin' Laser Tour, the Lasers tour and now setting him in Philly fir the Tetsuo & Youth tour. So far, I've never experienced anything choose to the emotion and passion as I witnessed at that Steppin Laser Tour! The live band and just the while situation with Atlantic and the Lasers album created an experience I'll never forget. Our get to experience again as far as Lu...

    1. I would like to say it was the climax of Lupe, not in the terms of his talents, but just raw emotions if you understand what I'm saying.

      Some of the LASERS concerts had so much in it.

  3. I'm really upset! Lu did way more songs in Atlanta than in Nashville! In this 30 min. clip, he did 3 songs he didn't do in Nashville -__-


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