Video: "I'd like to make purely abstract music, the bar for me is Radiohead"

While in Seattle, Lupe sat down with J Moore and DJ Hyphen at Kube 93 and had a lengthy conversation. Watch above as Lupe talks about his car collection, touring and keeping old songs in the vault.

Hit the jump where he reveals DJ Simonsays produced "Crack", working with Soundtrakk, Justice League, DJ Dahi, Trouble Trouble, Glasses Malone, and Luke James for Tetsuo & Youth, originally wanting the album to be 10 tracks, being turned down for collaborations because of his President Obama statements, relationship with Rick Ross, his writing process and alot more!

Mainstream vs underground, growing as an artist, balancing making art and money, talent vs technology.

The affects of the digital age, and wanting to make solely abstract music.

Bonus: Speaks about Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free).


  1. Lupe extremely proud of his Poor Decisions verse, I see. lol

  2. Can somebody post the YouTube link in the comments the videos don't show up when I open the page?

  3. exactly what i wanted to hear.

  4. Being turned down for collabs because of his Obama statements?! lol people so petty! Little do they know, Obama don't give a damn about them.


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