Lupe Fiasco Interview with Chicago Sun-Times!

Lupe spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times recently, excerpt below:
Q: What’s the social commentary on this album? What happened in the world since the last album that made you take notice in the writing?

A: Nothing really changed as far as the climate politically or socially. So do I keep talking about the same thing? I told Rolling Stone that there’s no politics on this album and there isn’t. But then when I say that, I have to incorporate that with what the outside world thinks is politics and what they think is political, opposed to something social or cultural. So it’s a pigeonhole for me: If I say something about schools in the neighborhood or if I say something about shootings in Chicago or the state of music, it immediately become this political debate. And I never really wanted that to be that, but I have no control over journalism. So it’s unfortunate. Everything I do becomes political.
Click HERE to read the full interview!

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  1. Lupes interviews are so boring.

    1. But you come back to complain? Lol actually they're very insightful to those with more than a 3rd grade reading level but to each his own


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