Ticket Giveaway-WINNERS

So... It was looking ugly for a minute. I thought I'd just have to fly to Atlanta and use the tickets myself. But at the last minute, I got an influx of emails. I wish I could've given more tickets away but alas, I only had three and all of these people are well deserving. The three people going to see Lupe on my birthday, November 2nd, in Atlanta are (in no particular order):

Triniti Jordan
David Milling
Marisa Foxwell

None of them has ever seen Lupe perform live before so it is a real treat for me to be able to do this for them... Thank you so much to all who entered, there will be more giveaways sponsored by yours truly coming soon. And to the winners... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Check your inbox!

Stay Classy,

-RHOyal Fiasco
Solo Sistah #1


  1. Your a very generous person

  2. Follow @UKFiasco on twitter.
    Trying to get lupe to tour uk. He never has

  3. I have a video of Lu's show in Glastonbury. Isn't that in England, UK?

    1. He has performed here but never done a city tour which is very common. J.cole has almost sold out and had to add dates to his london shows


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