Lupe Fiasco responds to Childish Gambino; Says he watches more Anime

A few days ago we posted the audio of Gambino talking about his "Beef" with Lupe and Lu just took to Twitter to respond to him. Read below: 

I don't sneak diss...I diss @DonaldGlover...nigga!...I mean Afro-American... To say a nigga sneak diss is kinda like a sneak diss...cut it out @DonaldGlover ...Oh and I watch more anime than you ;) @DonaldGlover


  1. lmao! i'm laffin at the idea of this even being called beef!


    At 12:10 of that new interview, Childish Gambino talks about it again calling it a sneak diss which I think is what sparked Lu to respond.

    1. I don't even see what Lu said as a "sneak dis" at all. D. Glover is trippin.

  3. Neither of them are taking it seriously, it's just the media that's blowing it out of proportion.


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