Help out our Friends from Pyyramids

Tim and Drea are getting ready to release a new EP (artwork above) and a video for their song "Invisible Scream" off their last album "Brightest Darkest Day." To help support it, they started a campaign on PledgeMusic. They already reached 79% of their goal and there are 4 more days left to pledge.

I already did my part and I'm looking forward to receiving a personalized mixtape CD from the band. Now it's your turn, if you like Pyyramids' music, go ahead and support them as much as you can HERE!

You'll get some great goodies depending on how much you're able to give. You could even meet the band or get your own personal concert! And last but not least you'll be supporting another good cause as well because a portion of the proceeds will go to Musicians on Call, a charity that provides live music in hospitals.


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