Poems based off Lupe Fiasco's F&L & The Cool

Oladeji Odumosu is writing a series of F&L & The Cool inspired poems. Check out one of them after the jump!

She said she knows how to love me.
Chances are she does.
Chances taken previously by others aid the conquest to my ticker,
Patiently ready to implode.
I need a heart surgeon.
I need a astronomer to navigate the space between these ventricles.
Tell me what you find is worth the cracks I can chisel in your psyche.
These involuntary mind games fuel the trip you would embark on.
Keep these sweet words rolling,
Because you’re almost there.
Three words away from the artery that’ll lead you to the right spot.
So keep the lies consistent.
Let me know these flaws are minuscule enough.
The highway to heaven is a minefield of self doubt & memories.
You’re all guts for no glory,
Nothing glorious about my embrace,
From a damage view point I can see all that is wrong with this picture,
No filters to prolong the illusion we’ve painted for ourselves.

So long live Paprika.

Let the dreamy exterior forever be mourned,
As reality is crowned King of your perception.
I am no knight in shining armour,
I am Lancelot fucking with Guinevere for the sport of it all.
So let the selflessness of my defamation deliver you to happiness,
Because I own less than a stitch of it to my name.

So I’ll push, till your belief in me is unbalanced.
& it’s all I can offer while I’m kicking this addiction of self loathing.
I need a soundtrack for new memories,
I want a frame for new addictions.
Your voice & curves; handle them all.

You say I know I can love you,
Chances are I do.
If you wish throw your heart at me,
Just know I might fumble if you do.

- The Rager

Written by Oladeji Odumosu



  1. Replies
    1. like the pope on dope, now picture that

  2. That's an awesome poem...if only people in this world would view love from this perspective

  3. Poetry isn't poetry if it doesn't rhyme. if it doesn't it's just a cohesive statement

    1. No, poetry doesn't have to rhyme in order to be poetry. There are no defining factors framing poetry. Anything can be viewed as poetry---and if the writer intends you to view that way it will be expressed as such. Rhyme is just one avenue of writing, there is also free verse....you could also look into other writing style and formed writing style that have constraints such as pantoums, haikus, acrostic poetry etc. Don't limit your perception of poetry by a default view point.

  4. I am a poet my name is chuck norris


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