1. lol a country home to terrorists that hate America performing WINS which is song about how the War on Terror is bunch of BULLSHIT? I would have never guessed!

    1. If you really listen to the song (WINS) it is condeming opinions like yours that categorize a particular race/ethnicity as being prone to terrorism. In fact, that's exactly why the War on Terror is a bunch of bullshit - because killing innocent people (Iraqis, Afgahnis, etc.) out of co-called national defense in the absence of a true national threat is the ultimate act of terrorism.You just shot yourself in the foot

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    1. I am not gonna translate it verse by verse but just give u and idea what it's abt

      .. u can't develop ur country if you don't work.. we are occupied mentally that's the devil plan.. I can't hear you.. you must have a voice ..
      free jerusalem and west bank..

      no achievements just funerals .. VIPs win over human and animal rights (this verse is about equality regardless ur religion or background.)

  3. lol That first guy that commented is a retarded shit head.


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