Lupe Fiasco offers his Twitter and Facebook to help to bring change to Chicago

After the Streets on Fire, Peace for Hire event in Chicago last night Lupe took to Twitter to state the following:

We would like to thank sincerely all those members of the community that came out to the Strategies For Peace conference last night @ CCICS. It was a very special honor to have Mrs. Cleopatra Pendleton as a part of the conversation with the new youth leaders of the city of Chicago

To see the intellect, passion and bravery of the teenagers on the panel speaking on the roots of violence in their lives was shocking. Shocking because of their realization of the depth of their circumstances and in the revolutionary commitment they have to combatting them.

On April 1st 2013 they want to begin the process of changing those circumstances, Forever. This youth group is using the month of March to plan and formulate major actions within the city of Chicago to begin April 1st until they see radical change in the ways in which the ENTIRE city and EVERYONE in it responds to the violence in their lives.

For this entire month of March #LF will be donating his twitter and facebook to help in spreading information about this developing action. Please follow @LupeFoundation as well for more info in the coming month about how you can take part.

Last night the future of Chicago spoke loud and clear. They asked us to DO and so it must be DONE. #The1stOfApril #NoMoreFoolingAround #CHI

Photo courtesy of Mad_Liberator


  1. This is what lupe is about. This is what lupe goes on rants for and stands up for. And it pisses me off when ppl think that all he wants is attention.

  2. I was there and this was a great event. Probably the best event like this I have been to in a while. I went in not knowing what to expect from a discussion for peace. The youth affected by the violence spoke and it resonated with everyone in the room. Lupe was laughing because even he was surprised at how much these kids were speaking the truth to power. The roots of violence, perception of violence, what is violence and why nothing has been done thus far. People can call lupe whatever they want,but at the end of the day those commentators are doing nothing for the city of Chicago.

    1. Also he ended with Words I Never Said verse which was spot on. Got to finish what he started at the innaguration party. April 1st let the change begin

    2. good unfortunately we don't get to see such discussion only the usual interview same questions same answers

    3. Yeah I wish I was able to provide more direct quotes and stuff,but I was more focused on listening myself. Hitting some of the major points

      1. America is rooted in violence based on the wars and how we get everything. The nation glorifies the death of bin laden which shows our nation final resort at the end of the day as violence rather than necessarily justice

      2. Black community is facing the same garbage on the radio that tells the youth to live a certain life style.

      3. Love or compassion for one another is seen as week which leads to a mindset of if nobody has my back then they are all my enemies

      4. Family connections with children and teaching them right and wrong. Use of violence vs understanding and empathy.

      5. Rahm Emanuel saying that he stands for no jewish kids going hungry or homeless. Rather than no kids at all. Which presents a group of people sticking together rather than helping all of Chicago

      6. Media glorification of violence while at the same time not showing any reaction to attempts at chnange.

      7. Lupe ended with the idea of a Hunger strike with notes directly to Obama

      8. Some thought that was the best course of action. While others doubted even that would bring Obama down to Oakwood rather than downtown.

      Just for those that couldn't make it

      this was a general synopsis missing a lot of key details. Was a very genuine and human experience of seeing the kids affected by the violence. Especially since I am from the burbs.

    4. Thank you .. appreciated


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