Video: Lupe Fiasco joins Robert Glasper on Stage @ the Roxy

Lupe and Bilal joined Robert Glasper on Friday night at the Roxy and performed "Always Shine," Lupe added a verse from "Words I Never Said" and a little something-something to the song.

"My problem is I'm peaceful and I believe in the people, that shit can get you kicked off stage"

UPDATE: Back on top with better footage.


  1. For a sec I thought dude had a mini afro.

  2. what's the name of this song and why wasn't it on Food and Liquor II?

  3. Always Shine, and because Robert Glasper already put it on his album.

  4. Love this song! I just listened to this today

  5. Hopefully we can get a full video of this performance soon..

  6. LOL at the afro dude! :D

    I see it now XD

  7. I was there! It was so surreal. Lupe actually came back and freestyled a bit later...I wonder if anyone has footage, my cell phone only got a little bit...

  8. Lu knows damn well he didn't get kicked for stage for spitting the words i never said verse. He got kicked for repeating it over and over.

    So he should have said:

    "repeating that shit for 30 minutes straaaaight / can get you kicked off staaaage, hah"

    Far more accurate.


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