The Lupe Fiasco Foundation presents: Streets on Fire - Peace for Hire

On March 1st the Lupe Fiasco Foundation presents: Streets on Fire - Peace for Hire an intimate discussion about strategies for peace. The event will take place at Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner-City Studies in Chicago and feature appearances by Lupe Fiasco and Teen performers.

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  1. Wish I could RSVP; unfortunately, I have to work this day : (

  2. I had the pleasure to attend this very powerful first step to bringing peace to the streets. I am looking forward to the next planning session this Friday, March 22nd. The Children presented the first part of their process last Friday and they are starting with an awareness campaign highlighted by the color Orange for the April 1st discussion session. They are asking that everyone demonstrate their support by wearing, displaying and circulating the idea of Orange. On last Friday "Project Orange Tree" was the tentative name put on the initiative. They mentioned buildings displaying Orange, various media outlets discussing the Project and the wearing of Project Orange Tree t-shirts. The shirts were not available at the meeting, because of the recent adoption of the concept. Many of the adults attending the session were prepared to purchase shirts. I mentioned to the Director that if items are to be purchased in support of this initiative, that we should make sure the dollars remain in the community as long as possible. She asked me if I had any vendors in mind. Since the initiative regarding the orange t-shirts was new to me, of course I didn't have any vendors that would be able to commit to that fast turnaround, however I have since contacted local vendors that would be able to assist once the organization is prepared to move forward. Lupe chimed in at the meeting via Skype during the discussion and provided insight on the process the Children adopted. Some of the adults appeared to be looking for more than just bringing awareness to the problem, however, it was further explained that the direction would come from the Children and we, the adult, are here to assist and support them. The idea behind the color Orange is synonymous with the hunters in the woods. They wear orange so that they WONT GET SHOT. I plan to attend the next planning session this Friday and look forward to seeing other supporters there and more importantly at the next main discussion session on April 1st. My name is Lamar and I would like to bring t-shirts this Friday if I get the go ahead from the organization. I understand that this is a busy time for them and there are a variety of things going on, but one thing that can not happen is to lose the support of the community. There were about 60 people in the standing room only session on Friday. Many of them adults eager to do their part. The children were eager and proud of their progress, as they should be. I sensed that some of the attendees want to move faster than the group is moving. I can only say to them to be patient and watch as this "Tree" grows. The initiative in it's infancy stages now, but, the reality is that we didn't get to this point over night and we certainly wont solve it overnight. I wish there was one silver bullet we could fire to immediately turn things around, but it doesn't exist. If this initiative doesn't work for you, another one may. One thing we can not do is bring negative energy to those who are so passionate about our objectives. Lupe said it in the initial discussion session that even if we don't totally agree with the decisions made, that "We Must Be There", wherever it is decided. I don't live in the city, but I am committed to this initiative. I spoke to the t-shit vendor and I told her that I would personally put up the deposit for the items she will produce to have them at this Friday's planning session. That's how deeply I feel about this initiative. I received a message from one of the adults on the Lupe Foundation's Board indicating that one of the Children will contact me regarding the t-shirts. I have been waiting on that call, but I also know that the Children are in school, so this initiative cannot take them away from their education... I get that, so I remain ready to move forward once I hear from them. Please pass this on and again if you are concerned about the problem in our community and you are willing to take direction from the future leaders, this is the place for you... Peace

  3. That's a good idea. If more artistes did things like this instead of talking a load of rubbish about who they are going to shoot up next, maybe people in general would be less inclined to react extremely when provoked.

    human beings are supposed to be able to reason out other solutions to disagreements, besides violence. Yet we seem to only invent new ways to solve our problems using violence.


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