Lupe Fiasco: Every Death Matters

Lupe gave a speech at St. Sabina Church in Chicago yesterday. He shared his views on race, power, self-worth, and the violence plaguing his hometown.

“Hadiya Coleman is us. Joseph Coleman and Hadiya Pendleton. This young boy and young girl from very different walks of life, very different circumstances surrounding their deaths.

But no matter how we feel about either one, the reverence that we hold for one and the disdain we hold for the other, they’re still us.”

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  1. See, this is why I love Lupe. I have so much respect for him.

  2. Is there a video? President Obama spoke in Chicago on the same subject today. It would be an interesting comparison.

  3. The whiter the victims the more we care.

    White person commits a crime-treated as an individual. Person of color commits a crime- stereotype the whole race.

    White privilege/supremacy is a problem and white people won't talk about it because it makes them uncomfortable, diverting the conversation away from seriously discussing racism by saying things like ''we're all part of the human race'' or "i'm colorblind".

    A house negro called Obama in the white house doesn't mean shit when those who funded his campaign (concentrated private capital i.e. Corprations) are all white. The 1% or ruling class are all white.

    White people who are privileged due to their skin color have no idea about the institutional racism that people of color face daily.

    Racism = prejudice +power


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