Lupe Fiasco to perform at Inaugural Celebration

At the Hamilton, a group of area technology startups have joined forces to start up other startups (say that three times fast) and are using the inauguration as a platform to show off their work.

Together HyperVocal, Event Farm and Fighter Interactive have created StartUp RockOn, an event series, and for inauguration they are bringing the Grammy-nominated rapper Lupe Fiasco to perform in DC on January 20th.

Tickets available HERE

via WashingtonExaminer 


  1. It's difficult for me to understand lupe's position in this. I do understand he is a artists and he has to eat, therefore he has to work. But what I don't understand is, him agreeing to work in a sitting affiliated with Obama's inauguration; especially after calling him a terrorist and not voting... I just can't understand... to me the only explanation is that he is compromising his beliefs and giving them a back seat to make money, or that his beliefs were never genuine... Im a super lupe fan, and I love him... so to me its mind- blogging that he agreed to this...

    1. Hindsite-now we all know why he agreed haha.
      30 minute song as a protest and eventually getting escorted off the stage. Real artists stand up for what they believe in and don't sell out. Lupe proved to us yet again that he is as real as it gets.

  2. Can't wait for this! Only 3 days :D

  3. What if he plays words I never said.....

  4. Anon#1 you have a point.. but if he does what anon#3 said and performs WINS then I can understand his motive; using that platform to remind people of Obama's treachery and broken promises

  5. This event has nothing to do with Obama, it's a separate company using the Inauguration as the platform for their business. Obama will not even be present

  6. @hashtagwasalu,

    That's not the point. The event is directly affiliated with Obama, hence the words INAUGURAL CELEBRATION in the title. It does seem a bit hypocritical, but that's just my opinion.

  7. Well, now that he's been thrown off the stage for bashing obama, I think we can see why he agreed to do the show.

  8. Heard my boy got thrown off lol he gives no fucks. Revolutionary.


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