Blu talks All City Chess Club x Collabo w/ Lupe and Mickey Factz

Blu gave an interview to and talked about the All City Chess Club and a possible collabo between him, Mickey Factz and Lupe. Read below!

ACCC: As many of our readers know, the All City Chess Club “We Beamin’” track was released back in ‘10. Once it dropped, it became the talk of the blogosphere for quite some time. Although the song was well recieved, fans didn’t really get a feel of the recording process behind it. Can you give us a run-down about the atmosphere within the studio when the song was recorded? -- Where Lupe & others in attendance during the session?

Blu: no, not really, actually i was just given the instrumental with instructions to blaze the song, which was surprisingly produced by pharrell of the neptunes. i gave the original a few more listens to make sure i was on track with the concept, and i laced it and sent it back. shortly after i heard the completed song, i thought i should have been placed after lupe, but going after the cool kids was cool, haha.

ACCC: We’re sure many of the fans who visit our site ponder about this from time to time. By your knowledge, were there any other tracks that were recorded other than “We Beamin’” during the All City Chess Club session that never escaped “the vault”?

Blu: not really, i don't know if the guys got together without me and create something,
but there is a track that should actually be sent to me soon with mickey factz and lupe on it.

ACCC: Lupe Fiasco has always been supportive of you Blu, he did said that you’re the only that “scares him” after all. He did mention times before that if he were to have features on his latest album,Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, he would have only asked you and Kendrick Lamar to contribute. What a great honor -- did Lu ever reach out to you about being apart of F&L2?

Blu: no, i didn't get the invite. all tho we talked quite a few times while he was in california working on the record, i actually got tied up and missed a big session with him that could have possibly placed me on the record.

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  1. I'll believe it when it happens.

  2. ^^ Word

    I'm taking this with a grain of salt

  3. I remember in ne interview, Lupe saying Blu is prolly one of the MC's he feels can outshine him lyrically. Would love that collab to compare them.

  4. I'd be so damn happy with a Lupe x Blu track. But it seems like Lupe is always not making time to collab with guys like Talib, Nas, etc. so I doubt I'll ever see him with Blu.


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