1. my ipod is happy to have another lupe track

  2. Regular show, OOOOOOOOH! :p

    That was epic... Goddamn :)

  3. Uhhhhhhh on the actual track, he says "Untitled.." but in the original download link, it was labeled as "LupeFiascoStore.com".......?

    Well, the latter it is! a lil merch website promo aint never hurt nobody lol

  4. great. just when i was getting used to no updates and starting to have a life; you go and do this lupe. and so the obsession continues...

  5. ^^ hahaha Gosh. There's someone else like me living on this earth.

  6. Yes, Lupe is back on his Fahrenheit 15/ Arista / Carrera LU Days.... Yesssssssssss! YESSSS! About Time! So many metaphors about HORNS!(Jazz,unicorns...ect..ect)

  7. YES! I don't really get on here much, but I definitely had to see her Lupe was talkin about on a NEW freestyle. I love it. New music AND I got my Native Tongues shipped out this morning???? I'm definitely a happy camper right now.

  8. @Chelly where did you order the native tongues?!

  9. I got em on shopnicekicks.com, but the site said there were only 150 world wide and they were out of stock like 2 mins after I got mine. I wonder if he'll end up making/releasing more. I hope so, because these definitely aren't my size. I just wanted to make sure I have them in my collection of his shoes lol.

  10. This is The Cool Lupe right der. Seems like Lu-Dini just does whatever the hell he wants. Another good track from Lu. Looking forward to FNL2 pt2.

  11. Word, from Com Sense
    Through the coolest nigga, what if's ballin' in my budget
    Budgin' ain't in my ballin', nudgin' ain't in my nuggets, huh?
    Too mean, too mean, no chicken in my luggage
    But Michigan Ave jazz drum stick is in the bucket, huh?
    Riveter, proceed like abortion clinic picketer
    Or don't heed a no seed deliverer
    Or through the glass, face mask on the visitor
    And to perform, get a little horn like a newborn unicorn
    It's like miles on a horse
    Five-thousand and two-hundred eighty styles for the source
    Get compiled in reports then redacted into blackness
    Then filed in the court for a trial for divorce, wow
    We're like miles from the aisle they had walked
    From the vows they had smiled now the child wanna forf
    File is magnificent mile crowds watchin' the black male drummer pale
    I was tellin' you before
    Sail 'em to the shore just to sell 'em to be sure
    Intelligent as hell when I tell it to the shore
    Sell it to the shell you should come and buy a shirt
    I be sellin' them on tour
    Now there's somethin' to be said 'bout a trumpet to the head
    A drummer for the hands, needs somethin' for the legs
    Hmm, let's call it runaway slave ships
    Fried chicken's tasteless and watermelon's racist nigga.

  12. This was better than most of F&L2 Pt1. Love it.

  13. I wish more men would respect the ladies like Lupe does

  14. ^ wouldnt that be something

  15. This was awesome...smh and the beat is lovely as well....GET EM LU!!!

  16. Nice work... I'm so ready for part 2 it can't get here fast enough. But what's the release date? He must not be ready since the date hasn't been announced.

  17. I wish him the best of luck.

  18. i uploaded this to my google play account and it plays commons verse instead of lupe's because it says cant play??? not on my phone through computer i uploaded this track


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