Lupe Fiasco kills it in the Kitchen!

Some very rare info courtesy of Miss Jane $$$

Most know @LupeFiasco as the best in Tha rap game... What u may not know is he is downright dangerous in the kitchen! Lu, stopped by a blessed me and my friends with some truffle infused pasta and bruschetta that I would drop $50 on in a restaurant anytime!

If @LupeFiasco ever wants to lay down the mike for a minute to open a restaurant, it will be where u NEED 2 B #trust!

Yo, I'm hungry now!


  1. Is there anything he can't do???

  2. That looks good lupe. : )
    10 bonus points.

  3. Damn, I need him to cook for me to.....

  4. I know his mom is like a chief but dang...As if I can't love this dude any more,lol,smh

  5. My faves fancy cheese and mushrooms. It looks good.


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