S1 produced half of Lupe's new Album

S1 talked to iStandard and revealed that he produced like half of Lupe's Food & Liquor 2: TGARA part 2. Check what he said below: 

Are there any more surprises coming from S1 in 2012 or is this the end cap of the year? What can we expect for you in the first quarter of 2013?

Well, I produced “Blood Diamonds” on Games new album “Jesus Piece” with my SKP Team Producers J Rhodes and Greg Fears. Excited for them to have their first major placement! I’m on like half of this new Lupe album that’s comin Spring 2013. Producing for Kanye, GOOD, Royce Da 5’9, Malice, Sevyn, John Legend, Elijah Blake, and recently been doing some stuff for Eminem. And of course working my group Strange Fruit Project on some new material along with some other new artist like Roy English, T. Fowler.


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